I am a data scientist at Monsanto in Woodland, California. I completed my BS and MS at California State University, Fresno. My MS was conducted with Paul Crosbie as my advisor and my thesis research focused on ant systematics and the alpha taxonomy of Tapinoma sessile Say 1836, in North America.

     I earned a PhD in the Department of Entomology at Michigan State University and was also a member of the Program in Ecology, Evolutionary Biology & Behavior. My dissertation research focused on the evolution, ecolgy, and conservation of the federally endangered Mitchell’s satyr butterfly, Neonympha mitchellii mitchellii French 1889. I investigated both population level genetic and genomics variation and the historic biogeography of this rare insect.  I was advised by Doug Landis and Barry Williams.

     My first postdoc was at UC Davis working for Dave Begun and Michael Turelli on Wolbachia and Drosophila suzukii. I then went to the University of Kansas and then returned to UC Davis working with Titus Brown and Tracy Teal where I developed materials on reproducible research.

     I am broadly interested in biology and tend to use insect systems to address my research questions. I am a certified instructor for Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry, and also an instructor trainer for both organizations.

    I write a rarely updated blog at pizzabeerandscience.blogspot.com

Chris Hamm

Biology and Data Science