Chris Hamm

Biology and Data Science

Here is some links I visit frequently and find extremely useful:

Phytools - Blog by Liam Revell for his R packages “phytools.”

geomorph - site for the excellent R package for use with geometric morphometrics and multivariate data analysis.

Software Carpentry - excellent tutorials for basic software skills and schedule for bootcamps.

treethinkers - site for the UC Davis Applied Phylogenetics workshop, excellent tutorials.

Biostars - excellent site for questions related to NGS data and analysis.

SEQanswers - fabulous site for the NGS sequencing community.

Bioconductor - the support site for the Bioconductor suite in R

biopython - tutorials and cookbook for the wonderfully helpful Biopython.

TADW - A great compilation of bioinformatics tools (written in PERL).

Molecular Ecologist - A nice blog covering what is happening in the field.

R-bloggers - I love R and you should too. This is a great collection of posts written by R users.

    While at Michigan State I made a cottage industry out of pooling bits of money from multiple sources into one big pool of money, which allowed me to travel to some great conferences.

    This is a step-by-step guide I have written on how to get travel funding from MSU. The example and supporting documents are specific to the Department of Entomology, but can easily be altered to fit your department. I have also uploaded a letter I submitted with my funding request, a copy of the conference schedule showing I am a speaker, and the completed document. Email me if you have any comments or questions.

MSU funding.pdf